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Why You Want to Work for Palate Coffee Brewery

Rachel Sammons . December 13, 2019

Yes, you read that right. We’re hiring.

Tell me more, you say? Well first, if you’re the perfect fit, let’s hear about you:

What Makes You Perfect for This Role

  • You have barista experience. From slinging lattés to forging friendships with customers, you put other baristas to shame. (But not really, because you’re a team worker so other baristas love you and you love them. You would never want to put anyone to shame.)
  • You have a desire to end human trafficking. That’s what we’re about. If that’s what you’re about, then you’ll fit right in.

Okay, now the fun stuff. Here are three responsibilities that this opportunity involves.

1. Manage Inventory Have you ever wondered where our coffee beans come from? Unfortunately, we haven’t got a coffee plant in our backyard. Nor do we manufacture our own coffee sleeves or syrup flavors. Although, that would be awesome.

In this position, you would keep track of when the coffeeshop runs low on supplies and you would order accordingly.

This is very important. As a customer, have you ever ordered a mocha only to learn that the shop is out of chocolate syrup? It’s because we need YOU.

2. Recruit and Train Volunteers and Employees

This is very important. You are the first face that coffeeshop volunteers see on their orientation. Be friendly and smile a lot.

After recruitment, you’ll show them how to pull espresso shots, steam milk for lattés, blend frappés, cash out customers, and do all the things that make our Palate businesses thrive.

That’s on you. No pressure.

3. Promote Palate’s Oviedo location Palate Coffee Brewery second location is at the Canterbury Retreat Center in Oviedo, Florida. That means it’s only a stone’s throw from the University of Central Florida (UCF). So let’s make it the college kids’ go-to coffeeshop!

However you want to do it: host scavenger hunts, launch a vlog, tweet, shout in a megaphone on campus—you name it. We’re open to ideas. Obviously, we love any foot traffic. Not just college students.

There’s SO much more to this role but the biggest component is this: have a desire to end human trafficking.

Interested? Email inquiries or résumés to Katrina at

See you behind the coffee bar!

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