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Which Coffee Drink Should You Buy?

Rachel Sammons . July 2, 2018

Welcome to Palate Coffee Brewery!

Step inside and smell that waft of roasted, buttery, creamy, chocolatey, malted coffee beans.
But wait. There’s a problem. You don’t know what to get. The curlicue menu makes every drink sound appealing. Have no fear. Before you take ten minutes to word-vomit your decision-making process to the barista (hello), take this quiz to find out which drink is right for you.
How sweet are you feeling?
A) Sweet-tooth here! Don’t ask me about dinner. All I care about is dessert. B) Ask me when I have the drink in front of me. Might want it sweet, might want it bitter. C) I’m not feeling the sweet tonight. D) Sweet but, you know, not overkill.
How hot of a drink are you feeling?
A) Not hot at all. You realize we’re in Florida, right? B) Hot but maybe not scalding. I like a softer taste. C) HOT. I want to burn my tongue. D) Make it cold but NOT like a milkshake.
How milky are you feeling?
A) Dairy it up! In fact, can I get whipped cream with that? B) With milk. But how much? That’s up to me. C) Black. I’m low-maintenance. D) Milk. But that’s it on the dairy front for me.
What do you want your drink to look like?
A) Depends on the flavor I pick. Hmm…cookies n’ cream? Or spiced chai? B) I like to be in control of that, thankyouverymuch. C) Like the color of the dark chocolate that I hide under my pillow. D) Uh, brown. What else would it be? What is your favorite thing to do at the coffeeshop?
A) Take selfies. B) Read Shakespeare. C) Chat with the barista. (They’re people too.) D) Speed-walk around Sanford—what? I’ve got stuff to do. Mostly A’s: You’re in the mood for a frappé! This sweet, blended drink is coffee’s answer to milkshakes. Except you don’t even have to have it with espresso. Watch the barista top it off with whipped cream and chocolate drizzle, and you’re all set. Oh, before all that, pick your flavor: caramel, chocolate mint, chocolate peanut butter, vanilla…
Mostly B’s: Meet the café con leche. It’s the perfect drink if you want to have it your way. Your barista will serve the espresso and steamed milk separately so that you can combine and measure at will. Plus, you look super cultured ordering it.
Mostly C’s: Black house blend is all you need. Sometimes less is more. Our house blend is rich, delicious, strong, tasty, and the best coffee you’ll ever taste (but I’m a bit biased).
Mostly D’s: Iced latté. Watch as your barista plops a double shot of espresso in a cup of ice and tops it up with milk. But wait, if you want a flavor, the world is your oyster. Raspberry, Irish cream, caramel, sugar-free French vanilla…
So there you have it! The good news is, you know what to order the next time you enter our coffee haven. The bad news is, you’ll see we have even more coffee options. But hey, what are baristas for?


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