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What You Need to Know About Our CNN Spotlight

Rachel Sammons . July 24, 2019


Yes. You read that right. CNN. As in, Cable News Network (did you know that’s what it stands for?) As in, a major media outlet. As in, Disney-World level renown.

CNN. Not your bodega down the road, not the local Piggly Wiggly, but FRESH MARKET.A.k.a. the mother of all coverage opportunities.

Okay, don’t get us wrong. We love our small media outlets too. We’re all about the local community here in Sanford, Florida.

But seriously, have you watched the video? Read the article? Stop right now and click below if you haven’t.

0:20 Palate owner Tina Kadolph shares her story of being trafficked

0:47 Why create Palate Coffee Brewery?

1:05 See our Sunflower Safehouse for trafficked girls

1:10 What’s up with those hygiene bags?

1:18 There’s the Kadolph family!

(In my opinion, the written article is much more in-depth. But watch the video anyway.) Personally, I’m so proud of Tina for opening up about her story on a national news outlet. I can’t imagine it’s easy to recount all the pain and healing that she’s gone through. But I know that she has and will continue to help people who have gone through what she’s gone through.

That’s why we’re excited about the CNN coverage. Forget bragging rights. Our hope is that Tina’s story and Palate’s mission will resonate with a viewer out there. Because despite how horrifying human trafficking is, we never want to stay silent about it. We will always share the mission.

Photo credit: Eileen Berglund

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