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The 3 Traits of a Stellar Palate Barista

Rachel Sammons . November 5, 2018


Palate Coffee Brewery needs its volunteer baristas like it needs its apple-spiced chai frappé ingredients for apple-spiced chai lattés (which taste great by the way).
But being a volunteer barista is more than submitting a form and getting to sample our house coffee. Being a stellar barista means going the extra mile.
No, we don’t mean mastering latté art.
No, we don’t mean being an expert on nitro cold brew.
We don’t even mean being able to pull an ukulele out of your backpack and spontaneously play for open-mic night (although, we wouldn’t be opposed to that).
These are all good things. But especially for volunteers who are just starting out, we’re looking for something a little more profound.


A good volunteer is dependable,” says Carl, co-owner of Palate.
True that. The coffeeshop purrs like a kitten when its baristas show up for their shift on time and, if they need to cancel, give the manager enough time to schedule a replacement. A stellar barista understands how a thriving day at Palate depends on their punctuality.


This is where coffee comes in handy.
Some shifts are spent mostly at the till, cashing out customers and occasionally microwaving chocolate croissants. But you may have shifts that involve mopping the floor. Or folding the outdoor tables and chairs. After a day at work or school, or simply tending to life errands, these tasks may feel like the final straw on your back.
But Palate depends on baristas who throw themselves in 100%. From washing the dishes no matter how large the load to back-flushing the espresso machine, every Palate chore goes a long way in helping the entire team get through the day.


You don’t need to be an expert in coffee and espresso. But it’s pretty cool when you want to learn.
After all, volunteering for Palate is your perfect, low-pressure opportunity to gain some coffee-making skills. Ask a more experienced barista to show you how to steam milk. Memorize the different coffee drinks. Taste the coffee of the month so that, when a customer asks, you can tell them if it has a lighter or darker roast, if it has notes of dark chocolate or of citrus, and so on.
We love coffee so much that we’re more than excited when we get to share our expertise with a curious volunteer. Overall, it’s worth saying how all these traits trace back to one indispensable attribute: passion for the mission.
We want someone who is willing to share the mission with customers,” says Katrina, Palate co-owner.
Why be dependable? Why have energy? Why be curious? Among all the reasons, let one stand out: a drive to help end human trafficking. Because at the end of the day, that’s what Palate Coffee Brewery is all about.
So what are you waiting for? Click here to contact the coffeeshop for volunteering. Or swing by and ask for volunteer application forms. We’re excited to meet you!
Learn more about Palate’s parent anti-trafficking nonprofit, Love Missions, and what you can do to help fight human trafficking.


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