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Proposal At Palate: Yahia & Bréanne

Rachel Sammons . September 24, 2018


Then Yahia—a Palate regular and a loyal friend of the baristas (especially Devon)—took to the stage and performed a rapid-fire, spoken-word piece.
What started as a tribute to his beloved girlfriend, Bréanne, developed into a…drumroll please…a PROPOSAL! We got the inside scoop to how these two lovebirds came to be:
How did you two meet?
Yahia: We met on social media through Instagram. You hear stories like that all the time—someone meeting someone online and they date for a while and they break up. But I knew she was someone different that would stay with me.
I was very persistent with her. She was definitely playing hard to get! But I didn’t give up and really wanted a chance to show her who I was and what I’m about. She gave me a chance. One date. Didn’t hear from her after that. Then one day she messaged me this time out of the blue and gave me a second chance to take her out on a date and we went stargazing on my rooftop and ate Sour Patch. It was like something out of a movie.
Bréanne: We both met through social media—Yahia had messaged me, and our conversations had started from there. After a few weeks, he took me on a double date with some friends of mine, but afterward, I hadn’t spoken to him since. He was very persistent with getting to know me as well as keeping in touch, but I had made it almost impossible for that to happen. I was going through a lot of things then and wasn’t looking for a relationship with anyone, so I was distant at first.
Through time, we became friends. Six months later, I finally decided to give him a chance to see how patient and persistent he was. Yahia had previously taken me stargazing on his rooftop where we hung out while eating Sour Patch Kids, and I really enjoyed that with him. From there on our journey officially began.

So Yahia, why did you choose Palate for the proposal?
Yahia: I chose Palate because while we were first starting out our relationship, this was one of the very first places that I started taking her on dates to. And she loved it. So I thought having it here was not only a good choice but also symbolic as well, showing where we began our first journey and also starting out our second as an engaged couple.  And Bréanne, what was going through your head during the proposal??
Bréanne: The day he proposed we were hanging out with some friends at MegaCon where Yahia and I had cosplayed as Spider-Gwen and Miles Morales. It was our first time cosplaying so I was really excited about it, I couldn’t stop thinking about it all day, it was so fun.
Weeks before, he had told me he was having a performance at Palate and that he wanted my family and I to be there, and I told him we’d be there to support him. So after MegaCon, we rushed to our homes to change out of our costumes and then we came to Palate. I didn’t really think of it, since he had said it was an important performance. It wasn’t a surprise to see family and friends there also.
It was a packed house! As he went on with his spoken word, I remember thinking, “whoa, wait a minute. I haven’t heard this one,” and then later as he went further into his spoken word, that was when I realized he was going to propose, and from there on I literally could not stop crying. Happy tears of course!

Most importantly, what is your favorite drink at Palate? 
Yahia: I’m very simplistic. I usually just get a regular hot coffee! If not, I get a cappuccino. The kind of coffee that I enjoy truly shows my character. Simplistic and sweet!  
Bréanne: My favorite drink from Palate is the Sanford Fog, although I do try to switch it up once in a blue moon. It’s not Devon’s favorite to make but it sure is my favorite to drink! Now that your proposal happened at Palate, how often will you guys come visit?
Yahia: Anytime we are available to go, we go. We love spending time there to read our books and drink coffee there. We can sit for hours talking, writing, reading, etc. It’s always cool to see Devon there too. He’s my buddy. I don’t take for granted of him allowing me to propose to my fiancée at Palate.
Bréanne: Even before the proposal had happened at Palate, we came frequently to visit and hang out around the area. Palate is home. I just love the people there, I’ve made some really great friends who just feel like family to me and I wouldn’t trade it for the world. I could say that we have been coming a lot more than before. We try to come at least once a week if not more!
We hope you both keep coming to make even more wonderful memories!
Congratulations to Yahia and Bréanne. Palate Coffee Brewery is honored to have played such a special part in your next big step as a couple.


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