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Farewell to Palate Coffee Brewery Beloved Barista: Tyler

Rachel Sammons . August 27, 2018


Whether it’s waving farewell to a summer volunteer now en route to college. Or blinking in surprise as a two-year veteran of Palate now enters a new chapter in life.
We shed more tears than Florida rain clouds during hurricane season.
But we are also thankful for the dedication that volunteers have demonstrated in their service. Tyler’s investment in Palate over the years will not go underappreciated.
Here’s what Palate’s co-founder had to say about Tyler:
“Wow, so hard to say in a few words how we feel about Tyler. Tyler has given his heart and time for over two years. He always had a smile and our customers adored getting into conversations with him. Tyler is much loved by all the Palate volunteers as well as Carl and I.Tyler, we could never express how thankful we are to you. We are so excited about your next steps in life. You will always be a part of our Palate family.”
– Tina, co-owner of Palate Coffee Brewery and co-founder of Love Missions
The team at Palate wishes him well with teary eyes:
“I’m so thankful to have worked with such a great barista. You’ve been so awesome with the customers and with the other volunteers. We’re going to miss you a lot! Thank you for all your hard work. I appreciate what you’ve done for Palate and I wish you the best of luck.” –Devon, manager of Palate Coffee Brewery
“I will miss Saturday-morning shifts with Tyler. Not only is he a dedicated, hard-working barista who builds relationships with customers, but he’s also a loyal friend who never forgets to ask me how I’m doing. I will treasure those memories of catching up with him over espresso-powdered counter-tops and his impressive latté art. (Can we applaud Tyler for that Mount Rushmore?) Congrats on your next chapter in life, friend, and I’ll see you on the flip side.” – Rachel, volunteer barista
Tyler is someone that engages so well with every customer and makes them feel like they came into Palate for a reason. Volunteering with Tyler, we were constantly laughing and had a great flow of going through coffee rushes or some slow times as well. He’s spontaneous and fun and has a genuine love for people, and it’s contagious.” – Eryn, volunteer barista
“So Tyler is the tallest barista I have ever known and let me tell you that this man has the best social skills. He has the characteristics of a leader and is a person of the people but ultimately, he should become the mayor of Sanford. But keep him away from the milk because for some reason, the milk always rots around him. ;)” – Alejandro, volunteer barista
We will miss you, Tyler, but please visit often. That way, we can extend to you the same high quality of customer service that you embodied.
Also, if you wanted to join the team again, we wouldn’t be opposed to that…

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