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Farewell to Palate Coffee Brewery Beloved Barista: Hunter

Rachel Sammons . July 16, 2018


Hunter has been a barista at Palate for six months. But recently, he got a position as a pastor in Vermont. Now, he and his wife, Meredith, are leaving the sunny Florida weather for the East Coast’s infamous nor’easters.
You sure about this, Hunter? 😉
You see, Palate Coffee Brewery has a saying: When You’re Here, You’re Family. (Okay, maybe we heard that from somewhere else…)
Nevertheless, Hunter will always be part of the family here at Palate. We feel honored to extend a member of our “family” to another part of the country.
Here’s what Palate’s co-founder had to say about Hunter:
“I’m so thankful for Hunter. He is an amazing barista. He helped bring awareness of human trafficking. It always impacts my life when I see people give their time for a cause that is so close to my heart. We loved His sweet spirit; it was always so welcoming. I know that it was inviting to our customers also.
Without people like Hunter, Palate wouldn’t be what it is. We will miss him as I know our customers will too! But we are also excited for him and his wife and their new adventure! Thank you, Hunter, for giving us your time and pouring your heart into what Palate is about.”– Tina, co-owner of Palate Coffee Brewery and co-founder of Love Missions Global
The team at Palate wishes him well with teary eyes:
Here’s what I love about Hunter: everything. He’s just a great guy. He’s funny, helpful at the shop, loving, and he cares for every person in his life. I’m going to miss his friendship, his brotherhood, and his tacos. That boy can cook.” – Devon, manager of Palate Coffee Brewery
“Hunter is a low-key genius with every action he makes as well as having his quick-wit responses. He is a delight to be around. At Palate, we are all very joyous and thankful to have worked together with a man like him…Hunter Esteban de la Hoya Montes negro y luz Aamrillo con Alfredo ahmuado Guthrie, for the short time that I have met a pastor-to-be and a barista-to-be, I have grown to admire you and I am wishing you the best with you and your family’s endeavors on the land we call Vermouth.” – Alejandro, volunteer barista
“Hunter, in the short period of time that I’ve known you, I can already tell that you’re an incredibly kind and humble person. Aside from you always breaking something during your shift, you’re a talented barista with the touch of Midas; every drink you make turns into gold. Your lattés are probably one of the best cups I’ve ever had (yes, now it’s immortalized in writing), but your latté art needs work (nobody’s perfect). Good luck with your interpretive-dance pastor job. You’ll be missed.” – Keisha, volunteer barista
“I always loved coming in the shop when Hunter was opening at 7 am. It was a joy to see how carefully he invests in every part of his life—whether it’s cherishing his wife or drawing a heart in my latté. (And then following up with, ‘Please don’t take that the wrong way.’) Palate can tell a beautiful story because Hunter and Meredith are part of it.” – Melodie, executive assistant at Love Missions Global
Our prayers go out to you, Hunter! As we dry our tears, we hope with humble, loving, and selfless hearts that you will find a very good coffee shop in Vermont.
But of course, not AS good as Palate. Obviously.

Photo Credit: Daniel Bhowanidin


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