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10 Customers You’ll Meet at Palate Coffee Brewery

Rachel Sammons . July 8, 2019


I can see it now: Dedicated to Palate Coffee Brewery. Eh?

The customer who knows nothing about coffee.

To the woman who asked for a regular latté except with espresso, please, and, if possible, a little bit of steamed milk, bless your heart.

The customer who knows too much about coffee.

I have one question for you: why aren’t you volunteering?

The customer who wants coffee that doesn’t taste like coffee.

Beneath that layer of heavy whipping cream, chocolate syrup, and honey is an espresso shot, I promise you.

The customer who is too obsessed with whipped cream.


The customer who is such good friends with the barista that the barista forgets they’re a customer.

Oh, Daniel, did you want something?

The customer who orders six shots of espresso.

Is this legal?

The customer whose full-time job no one can figure out.

To the woman in scrubs having coffee meetings and alternating between coding and PowerPoint on your MacBook, what do you do

The customer who is so impressed with Palate’s mission that they buy everything.

I mean, I guess that succulent’s for sale…

The customer who loves Palate.

C’mon. That’s everyone.


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